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Guaranteed quality

We are certified with the IFS Food, the most demanding quality.

Traditional specialties

Brought from the past and projected into the future. Salting of sardine, chaplain, cod …

Modern facilities

We meet the highest demands of the fish processing sector.


We serve our products throughout the peninsula and the European Union.

Committed to quality

Certificates in IFS Food

We are certified with the highest demands in the food industry, fulfilling all the
requirements to offer the best quality in the fish handling sector.


Salazones Ciges sinks its roots in the historic fishing activity of the marine district of El Cabanyal in Valencia,
with one of its most traditional specialties, the production of salted fish.

Jaume Benedito and Amparo Marti started the activity in 1940. Then with the incorporation of their daughter Amparo and his son-in-law

Paco founded Salazones Francisco Ciges. Thus the activity is growing until the 90’s
when, with the incorporation of the third generation family, the company takes a vital turn.


Integrating the knowledge of the family tradition into new facilities and modernizing their processes and means of production.
They have given it the necessary impetus to face the 21st century with the perfect pairing that gives:
ancestral wisdom, the most modern means and their good way of working.


Since 1998, Salazones Ciges has modern facilities with capacity to process
and serve the entire Peninsula and the EU.
We continue to expand and improve our facilities, meeting the highest standards of the sector,
to always offer the best product.